Our Commitment

Don't mess with the geeks or get short-circuited, hire a professional! We are experienced and will quote a fair price the first time. We pride ourselves in installing and setting up your home like it was our own. You can count on not only getting a professional install, great picture and sound, but you and your whole family will be able to use your new system with ease. We will set up your theater to achieve its full potential and it will be user friendly with minimal or even just one remote (that everyone in your house will know how to use). After the set up we will even teach you how to use your new equipment. This is a time to enjoy your theater not to stress over how to work it. And we Guarantee it on top of that!

We are not Electricians, we are LOW-VOLTAGE specialists. We are experts in Data, Phones, Sound Systems and Surveillance. Anyone can run wire, but is it done to the highest of standards to perform and last for years Choose Wire Right Home Theater for all your low voltage needs, itís your one stop for piece of mind and an enjoyable way to entertain your family and friends.

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Please check back for updates - If you would like to speak with an Design Expert please contact us at:
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E-mail: info@wirerightht.com


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